Blog 2.0

Hello! Once again into the breach!


This is Shannon Talton .com 2.0.  My new gallery will (Soon- I hope) display my silk scarves. I love the idea of practical art. A scarf to keep the wind off of your face and the sun from your neck. A scar to accent a blouse or to give to a relative who loves scarves. Scarves don’t break (easily) and they don’t take much space to store. I’m hoping the cravat will come back in style so I can sell directly to men but I don’t see it happening. Isn’t that so much nicer and more versatile than the modern tie?

RW-1633-full-Cravat Tying          images-1

My blogs and videos will inform you about sites with good information about art, art supplies, techniques,book reviews, product reviews.

I will be showcasing artist and their work thru blogs and videos.  I’m really excited about this since it means I have an excuse to talk to creative and intelligent people and maybe meeting of few of you online here.   😀


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